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The non-profit Association for Social benefit and advancement named Exedra aims to support other Associations and Institutions. Exedra is mainly interested in social/biomedical/technology initiatives for first support to make them more visible and effective. Therefore, Exedra boosts the social benefit generated through their actions, spreading results of cultural, arts and creative initiatives too.
Exedra was founded in April 2016 by five people, Emanuele Pisapia current President, Alfredo Maria Gravagnuolo, Giuseppe Zarrella, Mario Ferrara and Giuseppe Celano. The association started its activities locally (province of Salerno, Italy) organizing promotional/charity events for biomedical initiatives, and raising visibility of the promoted initiatives and networking opportunities towards relevant charity/medicine/technology organizations, which end up generating social benefit in addition to resources via fundraising.
Exedra collaborates with several organizations, companies and institutions, which operate in the fields of health, technology, charity, events, social, and social media marketing. They share expertise and knowledge in several fields by means of professional contribution of volunteers.
In January 2017 Exedra created JustHelp.it, which includes more than 60 subscribed associations. JustHelp.it is a dynamic tool for the analysis of social activities of associations, and an opportunity for them to improve their communication to the public and to get in contact with stakeholders.
Indeed JustHelp.it creates a network of opportunities among stakeholders, associations and entrepreneurs, to generate benefit from sharing. People and institutions can access to the database of JustHelp.it to analyse the effectiveness of social politics. On the other hand, JustHelp.it is a resource for the citizens to find and get in contact with associations of interest.
Exedra-JustHelp.it provides free support to associations that want to make more effective their activity, via different strategies (project development, promotional events, social media marketing, fundraising). We want this platform to "just help" sharing experience and opportunities.
In June 2018 Exedra-JustHelp.it has started collaborating with EMASST, on the theme of light and cheap wheelchairs, fabricated using cutting edge 3D printing technology.

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